Reaching the Highest Heights: Ballet Heels

ballet heelsSometimes you just need to take it to the limits. When the tame and conventional just won’t do, it’s time to break the mould!

Here at BananaShoes we know that one of the best ways to express yourself and show your true colours is by dressing up in gorgeous footwear. This could include your choice of beautiful shoes- from white to red to black, purple, yellow and blue we simply have it all!

We also love to see our ladies in thigh high boots and of course we’ve got whips and chains, lingerie and more to fuel our dear fetishists.

Perhaps one of our favourite product ranges, however, is our array of ballet heels. So if going ‘en pointe’ suits your mood, this one’s for you!

Ballet heels have been worn by celebrities in now-famous music videos and by the likes of beautiful dancers worldwide, but these fabulous heels are not limited well-known personalities. We’ve brought them into the homes of fashionistas and those in the deepest realms of the fetish fantasy world for years now, and will continue to make them available to anyone who wants to try on a sexy pair.

If you’re the heel-wearer you know that ballet heels must be respected and treated with care. They are great for taking the steamiest of photos, but you’ll need to be careful when trying to walk in them. Be sure to practise and support yourself on the wall or with a partner if necessary.

If you’re the ballet heel admirer you’ll also love our range of hues and styles- for something a bit different check out our mary jane versions or our (tee hee!) athletic styles.

BananaShoes has something for everyone when it comes to daring footwear, so don’t hesitate to browse all categories until you find the right pair for your needs.

Calling all Men who Love High Heels!

If youHigh Heels for Men’re a fan of gorgeous footwear, you know the true pleasure of slipping into an incredible pair of shoes or boots. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of trying on high heels that fit like a glove the very first time.

While it can take several tries to find the perfect fit, it helps to know your size and shop only from companies who understand your unique needs and preferences. Many shoe companies simply don’t cater to those who need larger sizes, but they don’t deserve your business anyway.

Here at BananaShoes, we love to make people’s dreams come true, meaning we offer high heels for men, women and anyone who shares our love for fashion and glamour.

For our guys who prefer a classic look, Banana has a large range of standard black heels in heights ranging from 2 inches up to a daring 7 inches for our beloved fetishists. If you’re just starting out in the world of high heels, try a pair of low sexy shoes for around the house, and work your way up to a daring five inches on special occasions.

You can wear your heels with bare feet, or for an especially naughty sensation, go for a pair of stockings as well. You can even slip into a full body stocking, either over a sensual lingerie set, on its own, or beneath a lovely mini skirt or dress.

Men’s high heels from Banana also include extravagant boots in various heights- from flirty ankle booties to chic knee-length boots to those thigh high boots you’ve always dreamed of.

Don’t keep your high heels to yourself- be sure to indulge in some great photos or share your look with that special someone. Even wearing your high heels out in public will give everyone a treat.

For the best heels in all sizes, look no further than BananaShoes.

High Heels for Men

High Heels for Men Looking great knows no colour, gender or culture. People from all walks of life like to show off their figures and feet, and clothe themselves in a way that boosts their confidence and makes them proud to look in the mirror.

No matter your shape or size, you can take advantage of the latest trends, hot colours and accessories, and high heeled shoes are no different. They lift up anyone’s derrière, add height to the frame and contribute to the appearance of a beautiful toned figure.

At times men wanting to try wearing high heels have trouble finding the correct size or venue to purchase them. This makes shopping for incredible shoes difficult and frustrating, which is simply unacceptable. Everyone should be able to flaunt their feet to the fullest!

Banana Shoes carries heels in all sizes, so that each and every person can be fabulous whenever he or she feels like it.

Banana also stocks so many varieties of high heels for men and women that it is difficult to narrow down the selection to just one pair. Many a shopper has returned time and again to add to their high heel shoe collection.

From standard black heels (the most popular colour of shoes worldwide, for a reason!) to bright white, silver and red, you’ll find it easy to match your heels to your outfit.

Go for thigh high boots, knee high boots, ankle boots and more. Simply choose your colour and the look you’re going for today and you’ll be able to browse hundreds of pairs of beautiful footwear.

Once you’ve selected your shoes, don’t forget to go through Banana’s selection of body stockings, dresses, wigs and accessories. Pick up a few extra treats- after all, you’re worth it! When your package arrives, you’ll know you were right to order from Banana Shoes.