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Honour Fetish Clothing

Seductive and scandalous, the Honor Fetish Clothing items enable an escape from conventions and strict social rules. The brand gathers a great variety of wigs, sexy clothing items made in faux leather and rubber latex, daring fetish accessories and sassy bondage gear, all in different colours and styles, so that you can transform into a different seductress every day. Designed to meet high quality standards as well as the latest fashion trends, the products score high in the way they look and feel. They look gorgeous in all rubber latex outfits, but they can also be combined with lace, leather or fabric for a stunning appearance. Bananashoes.com is proud to offer you a broad selection of Honor Fetish Clothing items, including dresses, skirts, tops, basques, corsets, gloves, stockings and even playful lingerie. Spice up your life with these sexy rubber latex clothing items for unforgettable moments alongside a mesmerized partner!


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