Clear Detachable Ankle Straps

Clear Detachable Ankle Straps

Sale price$9.00
Size UK:2 - 7

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Clear Detachable Ankle Straps for Pleaser Heels

Add sprinkle of magic on your beloved pleaser heels. With Pleaser Clear Detachable Ankle Straps, it's time to turn your favourite foot candies into straptastic sensations! These transparent wonders are your secret weapon to adding a sassy twist to your shoe game.

You heard it right, darling. Transform your shoes from lovely to luscious with these easy-to-use ankle straps. And the best part? They come straight from the maestros at Pleaser Shoes USA, bringing you world-class quality at a price that'll make your purse smile.

These clear ankle straps aren't just practical, they're also a fashion statement in their own right. You'll be stepping out in style while adding an extra layer of stability to your heels. And they're as easy to fit as they are fabulous.

Don't just wear your favorite heels - strut in them! Turn up the sass with Pleaser Clear Detachable Ankle Straps and unleash the full potential of your favourite shoes!

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