Dance For Your Mental Health

Dance For Your Mental Health

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It’s officially January and Blue Monday season, which means you’re probably overwhelmed with New Year’s resolutions, finances, and upcoming snow storms. In other words, you’re juggling every possible little thing except that you’re doing it backwards and in high heels!

Luckily, there is a way to simultaneously care for your mental, physical, and social health this month that involves simply combining a killer pair of shoes with your amazing self. This timeless practice is better known as “dance” and it can not only lift your spirits up like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, but it can make you feel powerful while boosting your health.

Whether you enjoy dancing in pole-ready platforms or Victoria Page-esque red shoes, BananaShoes is ready to help you tap your way to self-care this year!

Dancing and Mental Health

Dance has been used therapeutically for years, and in a recent UCLA study, the practice of Conscious (or unchoreographed) Dance was found to have a 98% efficacy rate for mood improvement.

Without a doubt, you can experience these mental benefits of dance no matter how it looks or feels for you. It can be pole dancing, cabaret, improv, or even those infamous TikTok challenges, that make you feel better mentally and emotionally.

However, equally important to finding your ideal dance style, music, and location, is picking the best shoe for your footwork. A classic is of course going barefoot, but nothing makes you feel more confident and motivated to dance than strapping on a pair of statement heels before blasting “Maniac” and living your Flashdance fantasy!

Physical Benefits of Dance

 Another great benefit of dance is that it allows you to get physical, just like Olivia Newton-John did in the ‘80s or, more recently, Dua Lipa!

Dancing in general has already been proven to reduce cardiovascular mortality by 46%, and pole dancing specifically can also be a great form of exercise for maintaining physical health. Although the intensity level may vary based on your health goals, starting with either moderate dance classes or continuing with Jennifer Lopez Hustlers-level pole dancing practices will provide benefits no matter what.

So, if you’re cha-cha-ing in flats or learning a carousel spin in clear platform heels you’re guaranteed to be on your way to meeting your fitness, health goals!

Social Benefits of Dance

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with dancing on your own like Robyn, dancing with somebody else like Whitney Houston can provide huge social benefits that contribute to your mental well-being.

This can take the form of taking ballroom lessons in 4-inch pumps, going clubbing in boots, or even dancing it out with friends like Meredith and Cristina on Grey’s Anatomy. Whatever way it looks like for you, the sense of belonging and support gained from the universal act of dancing is 1,000% priceless.

Dancing not only makes you part of a community, but it brings warmth to the coldest of winter days and glamour to the dullest of Mondays!

Dancing for a Heel-thy New Year

There are countless benefits of dance on mental health, social well-being, and fitness, especially when combined with other self-care practices. And although we can’t help you find the perfect dance class, we can help you find the best shoe for dancing old school like Gene Kelly or more contemporary like Julianne Hough!

BananaShoes is here to make you feel fabulous one heel at a time from size 2 to 13, so you can dance with both confidence and fashion.

With us, your Blue Monday will turn into a Shoe Monday for 2023!

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