Best 5 Drag Shoes

Best 5 Drag Shoes

When shopping for drag shoes, there are about as many options as there are Drag Race spinoffs, or as the infamous Tatianna would say–there are A LOT of “choices” to be made!

As an online retailer, we love offering a huge variety of shoe styles and sizes, but we also know how difficult it can be to narrow down the perfect pair of drag heels for the gig. That’s why we’re sharing our top five shoe picks to match each unique style of drag.

From camp fantasy to neutral realness, these shoe selections are guaranteed to drag up your style and wardrobe!

  1. Campy Knee High Boots

First up is a pair of white Pleaser Knee High Boots, complete with a 5.5-inch heel and a stretch top made out of only vegan materials. 

Available from a petite UK size 3 to a larger UK size 13, these white go-go boots are the perfect accessory for camp queens to literally boots the house down. Whether the category is 70s Studio 54 white horse glam or Lady Bunny Wigstock Fantasy, zipping up a pair of these will transport the audience back in time to the groovy era!

white thigh high boots

  1. Classic Pageant Queen Stilettos

For pageant or fashion queen eleganza, this timeless black 6-inch stiletto is an absolute drag queen wardrobe staple. Made with a solid brass heel and available in UK sizes up to 11, their sleek design goes with everything from gowns to suits.

Not only are these Dagger stilettos super versatile, but they also offer an added level of kink to any outfit change or drag routine!

  1. Sexy Red Thigh Highs

Oops we did it again, from Britney Spears impersonations to Katya Zamolodchikova dedications, these red thigh-high boots are perfect for sexy or femme fatale drag styles!

Made with 5-inch heels, rear zippers, and back slits, a pair of these drag queen shoes are illuminating and tantalizing from daytime to nighttime. Plus, they also come in UK sizes 3 to 11 to make these stretchy and shiny boots easy to put on!

red over the knee thigh high boots

  1. Barbiecore Sandals

These hot pink 5-inch marabou heels are for the comedy or camp queens, or anyone wanting to create a Mean Girls or Barbiecore aesthetic. They also come with a fur strap, are available in UK sizes 4 to 12, and most importantly, they’re comfortable! 

Not only is the sole material soft, but the open-toe sandal design makes slipping these on and off a breeze. This open design makes these pink heels ideal for runways, and cautiously used for dance performances!

pink slipper stilettos

  1. Neutral Nude Pumps

Last, but far from least, are these nude peep toe pumps by Pleaser. Available in UK size 2 to 11, these 5-inch heels are modest without sacrificing style. 

These drag shoes can also be paired with dresses, skirts, or dancing costumes for any performance style. Additionally, they can be used to serve realness with just the right heel height to not get read by Michelle Visage. 

With a shiny finish, these neutral shoes will stun from the performance to the afterparty!


Nude peep toe high heels

Drag Shoes From Heels to Platforms

While technically any shoe could be considered “drag shoes”, these five selections are great springboards to finding your style.

At BananaShoes, we offer a wide range of shoe sizes to tailor to everyone so you don’t have to choose between comfort or fashion. From statement Bordellos to neon UV platforms, we have a pair for every occasion.

Find your style and size with BananaShoes!  


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