Gold Platform Heels to die for

Gold Platform Heels to die for

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Whether they’re a flashy pair of Chromatica album cover inspired stilts or greed-inducing gold platform heels, you’re never too (g)old for these shoes.
There’s a Pleaser, platform, or pump fit for every foot in every colour, including capital G-O-L-D for those St. Patrick’s Day pub crawls or Oscar statuette cosplays. And, since picking them is harder than stepping in them, we’ve decided to use our Midas touch to share our top gold heels from boots to Bordellos!

Eclipse 619G: Gold Rush Realness

Don’t let the colour fool you, these metallic gold heels are better suited for floor gliding over gold mining! They have small 1 ¾ inch cut-out core platforms and reflective 6 ½ inch stiletto heels for a combination of balance and beauty. Secured with glitter-coated ankle straps and criss-cross foot straps, these can be worn on your way to the club or the next California Gold Rush!

gold high heel sandals

Adore 708MB: Karat and Class

Goldschläger could never! Made with a marble and gold flake printed bottom, these gold sandal heels are high-class without sacrificing sass. Ideal for pole training with clear foot and ankle straps on top of 7” heels and 2 ¾” platforms, there’s nothing foolish about this gold!

gold sandal heel adore pleaser


Flamingo 1020GWR: Glitzy in Gold

All that glitters IS gold, starting with this pair of ankle boots by Pleaser. Quite literally a pair of gold HIGH heels with 8” heels and 4” platforms, these are for the pole professionals or heel aficionados. Completely caked with glitter with the exception of the gold-coloured front laces and side zippers, this is the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow!

gold sparkly platform ankle boots

Adore 1017RSF: Rhinestone Riches

We’re making it rain…rhinestones that is. These metallic heels are giving us 70s fringe with a modern twist that’s as good as gold. Made with gold-chrome 7” heels and 2 ¾ inch platforms underneath a clear ankle boot base dripping in rhinestone fringe, these heels are metaphorically priceless. With peep-toes on the front and laces in the back, we recommend these for glam maintenance over pole maintenance (IYKYK)!

gold 70s fringe metallic ankle boots

Blondie R-3011: Shining in Sequin

We love sequin boots, or as Roxxxy Andrews would say it “sequins” boots! This pair has 6” metallic stiletto heels, 1 ½” double platforms with rhinestones in the middle, side zippers, and an open-toe design to top it off. There’s also more than a surplus of sequin all the way to the top of its thigh-high length!

gold sequin thigh high boots

Teeze 06R: Gold Bar Bordellos

Last, but still getting the gold for first place, are these Bordello gold platform heels. While their 5 ¾” heels are out in the open, their 1 ¾” platforms are concealed in a round front cut. With a rhinestone pattern gracing the entire top shoe half, these are light-friendly with slight caution given for any smooth surfaces!

gold platform heels

Go for the Gold and the Heels!

You don’t have to dig far to find gold, from size 2 to 13 we have it all in one online location with no gold pans needed. Whether it's gold heels for the March holidays or lingerie for those March nights, it’s easy to find something to help you feel you, but more you with BananaShoes!

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