Platform Stiletto Heels & How to Style Them

Platform Stiletto Heels & How to Style Them

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You’ve seen them on Drag Race and scrolled past them on InstaTok (or whatever the kids call it nowadays), but have you worn them? And by ‘them’ we’re referring to any pair of platform stilettos ranging from itty bitty heels for casual wear to 10” stilettos for exclusively seated wear.

This type of shoe can be daunting for heel beginners or downright dull for stiletto aficionados, but there is a way to style any pair to make them feel fashionable and fresh no matter who wears them. To get you started or continued, we’re sharing a few styling ideas for inspiration or imitation based on our online stock so you can put the ‘wear’ in ‘everywhere’!

Style for Spring: Sandals + Pastels

This first styling option is simple and sweet, especially if you’ve recently bought your first pair of platform stiletto heels. Start with tan or white capris, a pastel pink-coloured shirt, and maybe a headband if you’re feeling cute. Then, use this platform sandal to anchor the look together with a clear 7” heel and 2 ¾” platform filled with a garden’s worth of tiny pink flowers. It’s an airy spring look that isn’t overly conspicuous on the top, but has some flair on the bottom!

Adore 701FL Clear and Pink Flower Platforms

Sporty Style: Sneaker Platforms + Activewear

If you’re taking pole classes and your favourite Spice Girl just so happens to be Mel C’s Sporty Spice, then a pair of these sporty and spicy platform stiletto heels in black is a must-have style staple. They look like sneakers on top with a surprise blacklight reactive base from the 6” heels to the 1 ¾” platforms. The colours match everything and can also be worn with your usual pole attire for versatile styling. Just put on a sports bra, stretchy shorts, and these black and white platform stiletto heels for a look you’ll get a kick out of!

Black Neon Sneaker Ankle Platforms

Seductive in Style: Blue Platform Stilettos + Bodysuit

If you’re looking for more of a post-watershed style, then a pair of stiletto platform heels will NOT disappoint. For a bluer look with a little camp, these blue Flamingo platform sandals colour-matched with a racy lacy bodysuit make a cute outfit that takes ‘blue’ both literally and metaphorically!

 blue bodysuit lingerie

Stylish in Summer: Nude Stiletto Sandals + Beach Dress

To match a more modest style for daywear, these nude stiletto sandals can be paired with a flowy beach dress during the summer. They’re monochrome, strappy, and reasonably designed with 6” heels and 1 ¾” platforms. All you need to style them are boardwalk-ready clothes, shades, a beach hat, and sunscreen!

nude platform heels

Expensive Taste and Style: Dollar Print Boots + Mini Dress

The best styles in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees because we want the money…printed on our boots. If you’re after a more flashy and cashy look, then these platform stilettos fit the bill. Style them with black shorts and a camisole or a silver and svelte mini dress for a priceless look!

dollar bills ankle boots platform shoes

Never Out of Style: Thigh Highs + Double Denim

This last styling idea is very much Daisy Duke with a modern twist. These denim thigh-high platform stilettos can be worn with white shorts and a blue gingham shirt for a more diversified look. OR, you can also go the double-denim route for a full-on 90s style with these boots!
denim thigh high boots

Style With Stiletto Platform Heels and More

Individual style varies based on personality, the current season, and of course, what’s on sale. But, trust us when we say that there’s a shoe for every fit from tall platform stilettos to short ankle boots.

To find your stiletto-shaped soulmate, shop by shoe height, type, colour, and style at BananaShoes!

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