Our Philosophy: You, But More You.

Our Philosophy: You, But More You.

Let us explain our philosophy of You, But More You.
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Our Philosophy: You, But More You.

BananaShoes was founded in the early noughties in Sheffield. Our original founder, Sharon, couldn’t find the sexy high heels she wanted and so started buying them from abroad and having them shipped over. Soon, her friends took notice and asked her if she could add a few pairs to her next order for them. Quickly more people took notice and asked for Sharon’s help and so, BananaShoes was born. Sharon and her friends wanted heels that suited their personal sense of style - heels they couldn’t find easily, just like all of our customers.

Quickly the business grew and a wide range of customers were asking for all different styles, shapes and sizes. Sharon and her husband recognised that customers who were looking for more niche styles were struggling to find them, in particular, customers looking for a larger size. So, they started stocking them and BananaShoes continued to grow.  

Today, we take immense pride in being able to help customers who have struggled to find what they’re looking for elsewhere. We have built our business on allowing you to be more you; to explore your own sense of style. To offer an easy and fun shopping experience and to empower you to feel confident, sexy and most importantly, like yourself.

Recently, we took part in an interesting article for the Thomson Reuters Foundation who were investigating why trans customers are still struggling to shop on the high street. We were honoured to be involved and we loved talking about why it’s so important to us to allow as many customers as possible an equal experience shopping online. We don’t like labels and we wouldn’t label ourselves as a ‘specialist shop’, ‘trans shop’ or ‘different’. We’re simply an online shoe shop that sells women’s heels to as many people as we can.

A lot of our customers are still wary of taking the leap and buying their first pair of shoes. Sometimes they’re worried about how they will be delivered, others are concerned about knowing which pair to start with. We’re always here to answer any questions you might have. You can speak to us in complete confidence and without any judgement, either by using our online chat service or by emailing me, Chloe, at sales@bananashoes.com.

To read Thomson Reuters’ article, please click here

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