The June Pole Challenge

The June Pole Challenge

My name's Simone and I am one of the founders of The June Pole Challenge. I thought I'd explain the challenge a little bit for you all! 

The June Pole Challenge is a super fun way to get polers sharing each other’s journeys and finding new friends within the pole community. It is such an amazing place for inspiration and motivation, and we love the idea of people getting to know each other through the challenge. 

The competition works by polers posting a photo of them in each move from the poster we created. We have come up with three moves a week and polers will need to post one move (from beginners, intimidate or advance category) on the correct day. Although it doesn’t matter if you post the photo later than the date on the poster, as long as all the photos have been posted before 1st July. All photos posted on participants grids/profiles of the moves will need to include the hashtag mentioned as well as tagging in the hosts and sponsors in each post. 
On 1st July, the hosts will look under the hashtag for all the entires (and also on our tagged photos due to shadowbanning and some people’s posts not showing under the hashtag) and we will be choosing one winner at random for each of the five prizes. We will announce the winners on 1st July and the winners will be able to claim their prizes.

To take part in the challenge:

- repost our poster on Instagram to your profile/grid and tag in at least three friends

- follow the hosts @poleandfitness89 @kristypolefitness and also the sponsors @posto9activa, us @bananashoes_com and @faymorrow

- use the hashtag #thejunepolechallenge in all posts

- tag @poleandfitness89 @kristypolefitness @posto9activa @bananashoes_com and @faymorrow in all posts too 

Photos of the moves will be posted on the hosts profiles each day along with videos of how to get into each move. Look out on the sponsors profiles too as they will be posting some photos as well. 

Our June Pole Challenge will be three times a week throughout June, starting on Monday 3rd June. The posting days will be Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and you can post a bonus #sundaybumday on Sundays throughout June and tag us all in too! Although this isn’t a necessity so you don’t have too and will not affect your chances of winning. This is purely just to celebrate our amazing butts despite the current shadowbanning on Instagram. 

The June Pole Challenge has three levels each day, beginners, intermediate and advanced so it really is for everyone. 

The challenge has multiple prizes from a free photoshoot from @faymorrow, a free pole set from @posto9activa or £50, £40 and £30 vouchers from @bananashoes_com! This means there will be multiple winners so more chances of winning for everyone!

The reason we started pole challenges on Instagram was because Kristy contacted me, Simone, asking if it is something I would be interested in. This was at the beginning of the year and Kristy contacted me because sadly she lost her motivation for pole and was desperate to get it back. I was over the moon she chose to ask me and we immediately started planning. Our first challenge was hosted in April and was such a success. Kristy got her pole mojo back (yay!) and we absolutely loved seeing all the different variety of moves being posted from all over the world. 

We loved it so much, we started talking about hosting a bigger and better one as soon as possible and so it happened, we created The June Pole Challenge. We were so lucky the fantastic photographer @faymorrow wanted to get involved and provided all our challenge photos and created the poster. She really is super talented, and someone is going to be so lucky to win a shoot with her! @posto9activa wanted to be involved again because they loved being part of the challenge in April and then we were lucky enough to get a third sponsor, @bananashoes_com who were so generous in offering not one but three vouchers! We honesty couldn’t believe how amazing our sponsors were and couldn’t wait to share it with the pole community. 

Kristy and I met through the pole community on Instagram at the beginning of the year and we would love others to make great friendships because of this challenge.

Simone x 

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