All you need for Valentine’s Day is stripper boots

All you need for Valentine’s Day is stripper boots

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Whether your status is single, cuffed, or ‘it’s complicated’, the 14th of every February is not for the faint of heart. There’s of course the gigantic pressure to get your partner something spectacular, but on the opposite end, there’s also the stinging stigma of spending Valentine’s Day solo.

Our advice? Get something for yourself, your best friend, or your partner that will last longer than fresh roses while also leaving them head over heels (or heels over head).

Any of our shoes will do, but for Valentine’s Day, we recommend one of our top stripper boots to gift to any dancer, novice, or high-heel aficionado!

Red Boots For Filth

No one has to have a pole-centric career to wear stripper heels, in fact, the only requirements are two feet and a smashing desire to feel powerful. So, for this mid-February date, we suggest replacing the Ryan Gosling rom-com with a pair of red ankle boots by Pleaser. These patent boots from the Delight 1020 collection make a great gift for those getting into pole dancing or just looking for something new to wear up to a UK size 11. Their 6-inch heels and 1 ¾ inch platform are also comfortable while their bright red colour screams Valentine’s Day with a little nod to Alaska’s iconic Drag Race moment!

red ankle boots pleaser

White Lace Boots

Another classic Valentine’s colour is the severely underrated white, so why not make it exciting with this unique ankle boot design from the Delight 1018 Pleaser line?

The white faux leather material lends itself nicely to those wanting to get a clean slate this February and look sultry while doing it. Their short 6-inch heels and 1 ¾ inch platforms make it accessible for all-day wear, and the faux leather provides a firm pole grip for dancing or stripping!

white lace boots

Pretty in Pink

While we wholeheartedly support self-love and anyone prioritizing themselves for February, we also wanted to share a pair of stripper shoes for a beloved partner or a sexy date night. And nothing says ‘love’ like a blushing hue of pink and a soft faux suede material combined in one pair of Flamingo 1021FS boots. Available in up to a UK size 9, these towering 8-inch heels with 4-inch platforms are gorgeous for any pole dancer or special Valentine.

baby pink pleaser flamingo ankle boots

Femme Fatale Flamingo

Everyone knows the sting of a breakup, especially during chocolate-box and red roses season. But, if you’re a dancer, stripper, or night clubber, you can still show a little Valentine’s spirit mixed with a little edge. These Flamingo 1020 matte boots come in breakup-black with red laces, 8-inch heels, and sizzling red chrome 4-inch platforms. So you or the intended recipient can paint the town red with skyscraper-high stripper boots in lieu of a date!

black and red flamingo 1020 ankle boots pleaser

Blue Valentine Boots

Our last Valentine’s recommendation is a pair of faux suede 8-inch heeled and 4-inch platformed Flamingo 1020FST boots in a seemingly atypical colour of…blue.
We know, blue is not your usual Valentine’s Day flower or balloon colour, BUT what it does represent is the experience of loving and also hating Valentine’s Day. This mixed-feeling approach to the February holiday caused by relationship woes has caused some to give it the name “Blue Valentine” (which also happens to be a Ryan Gosling movie!). So why not lace up a pair of tall boots with clear blue platforms and reclaim February 14th for yourself!

blue ankle boots pleaser flamingo 1020

Boot the Flowers This February

Stripper boots may not taste as good as candy hearts, but they certainly last longer than any Rachel McAdams romantic-comedy movie. A pair of high heels or platform boots may not seem like much, but it’s what you or someone else does with them that is the real gift this Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you use them for performing, stripping, or even some light daytime shopping, the feeling you get from lifting yourself off the ground one heel at a time is worth way more than a same-day delivery bouquet!

This February 14th and every day, shop for stripper shoes and more at BananaShoes!

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