Our Top 5 Pole Dancing Heels

Our Top 5 Pole Dancing Heels

When it comes to pole-dancing heels, what’s the best shoe? Is it a short 2-inch pump or a taller 5-inch thigh-high boot?

Well, if we’re being completely honest, NEITHER of those options make for great pole-dancing heels. Instead, platform sandals or boots are the more typical shoes used, with Pleaser being the top brand among pole performers.
Beyond picking a heel style and brand, novices and experts alike need to consider certain shoe factors like material, heel and platform height, toe exposure, and of course…how they look! To help you find your perfect fit as an official Pleaser stockist, we’re going to break down our top 5 pole-dancing heels for all skill levels!

1. Beginners Pole Shoes: Aspire 608 Platform Sandals

For beginners who are new to dancing in heels, or wearing heels in general, these clear 6-inch heeled platforms are perfect for starting with pole while also building ankle strength. They’re complete with a modest 2 ¼ inch platform height, an ankle strap for security, soft sole padding, and sizes available in UK 2-11.

To help with early training, the clear top material is known for fitting snug at first and loosening over time, which is great since your toes are less likely to slide out in the beginning. The strap and open sandal design also create a lightweight feel with added stability, unlike the absolutely must-avoid and slip-prone (for beginners at least) strapless sandals!

Beginners pole dancing shoes


2. Tricks Training: Adore 1020 Patent Boots

Available in UK sizes 2-11, these higher-heeled 7-inch platform boots with a 2 ¾-inch platform are great pole-dancing heels for learning tricks or general practice.

The heel height is reasonable and the boot itself is made of glossy patent leather that grips easily to poles while providing ankle support. These also have a closed-toe design for protecting your foot, BUT the laces themselves create a possible tripping hazard. To prevent this, we recommend lacing them inwards and tucking the excess string inside the tongue of the shoe.

pole dancing ankle boots

3. Floor Work Faux: Flamingo 1020FS Suede Boots

Faux suede as a material is generally best for floorwork since they don’t provide much grip to the pole and can make learning the basics a little tricky. However, since these 8-inch pole-dancing heels are closed-toed they do tend to offer protection while their velvety material makes for smooth gliding on floors during dance routines. They also come in UK sizes 2-9 with a 4-inch tall platform in varying fabric colours, though a darker shade may work to hide the inevitable wear and tear buildup!

Red pole dancing ankle boots faux suede

4. Platforms for Pros: Flamingo 822T Sandals

Another 8-inch heel with a 4-inch platform is this gorgeous ombre sandal by Pleaser. The shoes have a matte finish that can provide a better grip than suede, but without the fabric coverage or stickiness of patent leather boots.
With their tall height available in up to a UK size 7 depending on colour, these are definitely for performers with advanced abilities in balance and body perception. The criss-cross strap design can also help during tricks while the open-toe design provides ventilation during long performances in warm areas!

professional pole dancer shoes

5. Boots for the Best: Flamingo 1016 Faux Leather Peep-Toes

There’s no such thing as the perfect pair of pole-dancing heels, but for experienced dancers that perform in the warm and cold months, these lace-up peep-toe boots have everything you need.

They have an 8-inch heel with a 4-inch platform, an open design for feet cooling, a faux leather finish for a medium-strength grip, and they even come in UK sizes 2-8. Beginners may not do well in these shoes because of their laces, material, exposed areas, and overall design, but for experts, these are extremely versatile for floorwork or pole work!

leather pole dancing shoes

Pole-Dancing Heels and Beyond

Ultimately, the shoe that follows you to the pole will depend on your personal preference, comfort, and what’s safest for your current skill level. And if none of these five pole-dancing heels options is right for you, then you can still find your fit by looking through our inventory or contacting us directly!

At BananaShoes, we have heels for pole dancing, stilettos for partying, and even flats for professional 9 to 5-ing. We guarantee your feet will find a sole-mate with one of our pairs!

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