The Home Of Alternative Footwear

The Home Of Alternative Footwear

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Welcome to Banana Shoes, the home of alternative footwear.

High Heels. High Sizes. No Compromises.

Heels for Every Style and Every Size

Have you ever found the perfect pair of Chanel thigh-high boots, high enough to make even Anna Wintour jealous, only to find that they don’t come in your size?

This is the struggle that only Cinderella has been brave enough to depict, but nearly every shoe wearer will experience. It’s especially the case when shoe shopping as a woman with larger feet, a man who crossdresses, a shoe wearer who identifies as non-binary or gender non-conforming, and pretty much anyone else who doesn’t fit the petite Ruby Red Slipper “standard”.

To stomp this issue to the ground, BananaShoes exclusively offers a wide variety of shoes in a wide variety of sizes, we are the home of alternative footwear. From an office-ready Black Heel to a club-ready 6-inch Platform Heel, we’ve got you (and your feet) covered!

Let’s (All) Get Some Shoes

Our mission to be the one stop destination for alternative footwear can be best summarized by quoting a wise saying from a viral video: “Let’s get some shoes”.

We believe that heels and shoes have no gender. Both in the literal no shoe chromosome or sentience sense, but also in the metaphorical sense. Heels basically only have target audiences and marketed uses, but they can (and should!) be worn by anyone who wears, well, shoes!

While the entire shoe industry can’t be fixed overnight, BananaShoes is taking a step forward by supplying shoes for people who wear them for any reason. This includes Crossdressing Shoes, Kink Shoes, Office Heels, Pole Dancing Pleasers, Drag Pumps, or shoes for everyday wear, we want to make alternative footwear, not so alternative!

Heels have the ability to make us feel powerful, stunning, and confident all with the added benefit of being a few inches taller! This feeling isn’t “regardless” or “despite” our gender identity, sexuality, sex assigned at birth, weight, shoe size, or occupation. It’s BECAUSE of our gorgeous variations that heels give us this power!

If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

We know that BananaShoes sounds too good to be true and you’re probably thinking we mostly carry size 13 beige “one shoe fits all” types or that we don’t have any of the “good brands” in your size.  BUT…we proudly stock sizes that range from UK Size 2-14 from brands like Pleaser, Bordello, Funtasma, and Fabulicious!

While the shoes are in labelled categories like “Mens High Heels” for gender expressive or crossdressing shoes, they can be worn by anyone for anything. We have hypnotizing Glitter Platforms in size UK 2 for grocery shopping, a pair of modest yet fashionable Black Flats for date night, or anything else you may have seen on the soles of the Euphoria cast!

So when shopping, you can focus on the two most important things: How they fit and how they look! No more feeling like you're looking for alternative footwear in an ocean of conformity and more like that that shopping experience you absolutely deserve.

No More Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop 

Online shopping can be great, but sometimes it can be as stressful as getting a heel stuck in a grate à la The Wedding Planner!

That’s why BananaShoes has a flexible return policy and a dedicated inbox for all sales questions. We also ship shoes internationally and discreetly in plain packaging for privacy.

Our goal is to make the shoe shopping experience as accessible, inclusive, comfortable, and stylish as possible. So you can now spend less time searching for shoes, and more time wearing them!

Shoe, but More Shoe

Our philosophy is “You, But More You” for a reason.

We’re the home of alternative shoes for all from sexy Size UK 13 Heels to gorgeous Crossdressing Shoes. With our incredible and diverse shoe stock, we believe everyone deserves to feel the Dorothy Gale fantasy!

So get to steppin’ and get to struttin’ with BananaShoes!

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